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Oksana has taught and performed extensively in countries throughout world including Europe, Australia, Asia and United States.

Influenced by the music and cultures of four different continents, Oksana brings a rich background and broad perspective to the classroom. Over the last decade she has given private lessons out of her home studio, as well as through both public and private schools in the United States while continuing to play in symphonies, orchestras, chamber groups and perform as a soloist.

Please explore this website and learn more about what Oksana has accomplished and what she has to offer to the music community in Charlotte today.

“When teaching I strive to devote as much of my heart and focus as I do when preparing for a solo performance. The greatest reward for me is seeing my students grow, build confidence, flexibility of character, and strength in decision making through music and cello studies.”

-Oksana McCarthy-

Bach: Cello Suite N3 - Prelude - Oksana McCarthy


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